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Meta Ape Militia

The Official M*A*M Collection recently featured by Cointelegraph! 10,000 M*A*M’s living on the Ethereum Blockchain & Roaming the Metaverse in one of our Luxury Retreats. World’s First Bitcoin Mining Integrated 3D NFT Collection. M*A*M is redefining what it means to become an owner of a community driven NFT project. First, we didn’t forget our amazing women. Our collection is made of half dudes and half chicks. Second, our advanced team has a vast background in Bitcoin mining and all holders of 2 or more M*A*M NFT’s will receive exclusive perks, giveaways and BTC rewards from our community Bitcoin mining operation. Third, don’t think for a minute, we aren’t going to get all Mutant as well. Every holder with multiple Meta Ape Militia NFT’s in their wallet will earn the first chance to mint their Mutant M*A*M. That is just the tip of the iceberg for what our incredible team has in store for this community. Make sure to join our Discord and follow our Twitter so you don’t miss anything!


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